User Interface Designer and User Experience Architect


My love for design and UX has grown continually, and it still is. I adore the challenges it brings, creating an idea and getting the research to back it up and building something that's really going to work! I work with Android because of the challenges and rewards it brings, I work with iOS because it showcases my work beautifully and I work with web because it has so many possibilities it seems almost infinite. Hopefully I'll never stop learning, never stop improving my skills, never stop teaching and being taught. Problems are for solving, questions for answering and designing something gorgeous is a reward in itself, that's how I live.

Mainly I create fantastic apps for Android, and several of them have been released into the wild (aka the Android Playstore), but sometimes I like to do cool things for iOS too, and every so often I visit new and unexplored lands, like Windows 8. You could say I specialize in mobile. I have been known to work with web on occasion too. In fact I am particularly enamoured with CSS3 and all the amazing things it can do, it's time to start bidding jQuery farewell!

I am currently not available for contracts

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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.
- Steve Jobs

What I do

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A good design is driven by needs and defined by constraints.

Who I am

Hold on, here comes the corporate bit!
I am a mobile UI and UX designer with 8 years of design experience and 3 years of mobile UI and UX experience. I work hard, play hard and don't stop until the job is done.I am a well rounded, creative designer whose passions are UX and Mobile design, however I have a solid base in web design. I bring a can do attitude, a willingness to learn and out of the box thinking to the workplace. Learning and adapting very quickly means I can easily pick up new software or procedures which allows me to dovetail seamlessly into a company. My friendly, outgoing disposition allows me to integrate well into a team.

My ideal role would be based in a successful, cutting-edge mobile or web development company that is well established in the market and would give me ample opportunities to build my career. I am also very interested being at the forefront of technology and look for a company with a forward-thinking, progressive outlook.
I am looking for a challenging and diverse position which utilises my current skills and helps me build new ones whilst adding value to the business and satisfying the demands of the role. In the future I would not be adverse to a management position when I am suitably developed. Also I do not feel bound to the UK and may be interested in work overseas should the company require it.
I have conversational Dutch and French and am currently learning German. I am also starting to work with Windows 8 design


Mobile UI Design






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Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.
- Joe Sparano


If you're looking to hire me, for permanent or contract, then drop me a line using the contact details on the right. However, there are a couple of things you need to know first.
I WILL NOT work in London, please don't call me or email me about roles in London. That said if you have anything permanent around:

  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Bath
  • Chepstow

then I am very interested in hearing from you. Oh, and for the record I don't drive.

I'm looking for around £400 per day for contract work (I only accept remote working contracts) and £30,000 per year for permanent. Those aren't cast in iron though so feel free to contact me with anything you think I may find interesting. Provided it's not in London ( you can't change my mind, I'm not moving to London). It's also worth giving me a ring if you have a role in Belgium or Holland, I may consider moving back.